Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beware of Chicken Meat Injections

Combined officers' Karanganyar District, Central Java, found the injection of chicken meat during a surprise inspection at Palur Market, Thursday (08/19/2010).

"Meat is injected has a high water content and consequently easy to rot so that harm consumers," said Chief District Office of Livestock and Fisheries Karanganyar Muhammad Hatta on the sidelines of a sudden inspection (Sudden Inspection method).

Merchants who sell the chicken meat for a while just be warned and guided so as not to repeat his actions again.

Officers consist of a combination of elements Disnakan and Police Civil Service Unit (Satpol PP) Karanganyar District also conducts examinations of other meat sales.

In this examination found a number of chicken meat, especially in the chest, allegedly riddled former injection. Compared to other chicken meat, meat color was too pale.

Normally, with the instruments, meat water content between 5.0 and 5.5 so that the meat was suspected as gelonggongan. Officers took samples of meat-beef was to be examined further in the laboratory.

"We still tolerate and now there is no sanction. Only guidance to the traders so as not to repeat again," said Hatta

He added that the condition of the meat with a high water content is very detrimental to the community. In addition to shrinking when cooked weight (weight of the meat fraud occurs), the meat is easily rotten. Buyers were asked to carefully when choosing meat to be purchased.

Based on the recognition of a number of traders, the high water content in the meat they sell is caused by the storage process. Meats are soaked in water to keep it fresh.

In addition to gauge water levels, officials are also examining meat chicken and beef with reagents duranti. The checking was done to investigate the condition of meat.


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