Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sperm is clear like water, Why?

QUESTION: Sir, I have been married seven years and have not received any offspring. The first year after marriage, my wife is three months pregnant, but miscarried. After that, she was menstruating normally and had not experienced pregnancy until now.

In the past year, I noticed my sperm kok changed and looks watery, clear like water. My sperm is not like previous years where the sperm looked normal. My question is, whether my sperm was not normal anymore, so my wife can not get pregnant?

If so, is there any medicine that can cure or improve my sperm? Thank you, Doctor!

Robert Hukubun (42)[kompas.com]

ANSWER: You and your spouse are not considered infertile couples (infertile). This condition can be caused by interference on the part of your fertility or wife, or both parties. Sperm on the condition that you say that it has to be clear and watery look like water, I think is not necessarily true.

Must be confirmed through laboratory examination, is it true that your sperm has not been amended so that the wife is also pregnant? In addition to sperm examination, physical examination andrologik also needed to determine whether there is any disruption to your reproductive sexual organs.

Without examination, it is difficult to determine how and what is causing your fertility. The problem is, what reason is not pregnant. On the other hand, the wife also needs to be examined to determine the fertility.

With proper treatment, your fertility may be a better wife and a pregnancy to occur.


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