Thursday, August 19, 2010

Overcome Kidney Pain with Herbs

Schoo kidney is one organ in the body which has important functions. Functioning kidney to filter impurities (especially urea) from the blood and throw it away with water in the form of urine.

Given the very important function, the kidney health must be maintained. Even minor damage might disrupt other organs, including the heart. According to several experts in acupuncture, the kidney has a very special relationship with the heart so that if the kidney problem, then the heart would be problematic as well.

Although there are two kidneys in the human body, it is possible someone could be damaged kidneys too. Kidney failure is a problem in the kidneys of the most feared having to do dialysis continuously, or other option is to replace the kidney.

"For someone who has experienced kidney failure and had to be washed of blood, then the possibility to recover as usual much more difficult and their recovery rate is very small," said Adriana herbalis Warta Kota Indrajati when contacted recently.

Even patients who experience kidney failure dialysis try using herbal treatments. usually only to help patients reduce the frequency of washing his blood.

Perlancar pee
Unlike the people who 'only' having a kidney stone. People with kidney stones can still be helped with herbal medicine. Some medicinal plants can help to clean the clogged channels of kidney stones bladder (urinary calculus).

According to Adriana, a medicinal plant that helps clean up kidney stones include cats and kiji porcelain mustache. Both these plants have diuretis effect that helps accelerate the urinary tract. Could also help to shed a stone.

Consumption of herbs can shed a stone, but not directly. Must be done little by little until the big clean. Therefore, herbal therapy for patients with kidney stones can be done for 3-6 months. Therapy depends also on the type and size of kidney stones.

Louder kidney stone, the longer it is cleaned. There also can be cleaned in just two weeks. Usually this is because the type of stone is a little more lenient and not large.

"But it should still consume herbal to six months for those who already suffer from kidney stones, because although the stone was gone, not necessarily in dalammya clean, because usually there are still remaining," said Adriana.

In addition, the dose for patients with kidney stones or kidney failure also need attention. Pliers dose should not be consumed by patients with excessive because it could aggravate the disease condition. (Wik)


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