Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Variety skin disease

For people with skin disease, itching, itching, and sores, ingredients that must be built is biduri leaves and coconut oil as enough as possible. Leaves that coconut oil be oiled, and placed on the ignition.

After that, the leaves are put into the wound or the skin itch. Before treated, the skin wound washed first with warm water or alcohol 70%.

picture : biduri leaves

Ulcer, eczema, and skin diseases
Lotus flower leaf crown is burned, the ashes will also produce nutritious as medicine. Ash can be used as medicine to heal outside ulcer, eczema, and skin diseases. While pollen and stamen lotus flowers mixed with honey, and if the cheese will be the drug of hemorrhoids.

Scabies in children
Children affected by scabies are encouraged bath with water boiled brotowali. How to create it boil water: take stem brotowali 1m, in kecil2 pieces, boiled with 4 liters of water until boiling, enter the water to stew to enter the water in a bucket and add cold water, while soaking take abath the child's body.

Brotawali picture


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