Sunday, February 1, 2009

Traditional medicinal herb scarlatina - dengue fever

This can keep for ourselves and families affected and orangtercinta from dengue fever

The ingredients are:

1. Papaya leaves the old = 2

Turmeric = 3 - 4 pieces

3. Temu IRENG = 2 - 3 units

4. Leaves meniran = 3 - 4 tree: a lot of growth

in humid place,

leaf-like leaves when the spine and left close, but it leaves behind a spot spot of menir (rice)

5. Salt.
Wash clean, blender, give a glass of water, and drink its starch
every 4 hours to recover. This herb does not have side effects.

Function of each ingredient.
1. Papaya leaves, to kill the virus
2. Kunyit as antibiotics,
3. Temu IRENG cure stomach wound, and increase the appetite
4. Leaves meniran to raise trombosit.
5. Salt to raise blood pressure.


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