Sunday, February 15, 2009

healthy eating pattern

There are two things that are from the 'Healthy Eating Pattern' this. Namely
healthy food and eat this pattern.
First, we will talk a bit about the food

Food that is a healthy food in
are oxygen-vitamin. While the vitamin itself is a substance-a substance
needed by the body. Substances in the vitamin carbohydrate, protein and fat.

And also vitamins and minerals that are very much useful.
Carbohydrate is the main source of energy in most of our food.
Carbohydrate consumption that we can be a substance starch and sugar substances. Carbohydrate found on cereal and tubers ordinary substance called starch. While
that come from sugar (sukrosa), syrup, honey and sugar from the fruit
substance called sugar.

Protein can come from animal or plant (vegetable). In the body
many benefits of this protein. Of them for the formation of body cells,
repair cells damaged, it can be parsed to produce energy and
so forth. In order to obtain the complete contents of protein, it is necessary
combine resources for food, from animal and vegetable materials.
Protein needs for adults in the west according to the FAO / WHO about
0.8 g / kg body weight. For the Indonesian adults estimated at 0.9 g / kg
body weight (Puslitbang Nutrition).

Food that contains lots of protein such as eggs, milk, beef, meat
beef, chicken, soybeans, and others.
Fat is a food berenergi high because each gives gramnya
more energy than carbohydrate or protein. Fat is a backup
energy stored in adipose network.
Vitamins are substances-vitamin that is required in very small amount.
Vitamin-vitamin is essential in the sense that no network can disintesis by body
all human beings or in the amount sufficient to meet the needs
in normal conditions.

Based on kelarutannya, divided into two vitamins. Soluble vitamins, namely the
in water (vitamins B and C) and dissolved in fat (vitamins A, D, E, K)
Examples of food containing vitamins in the page include:
• Vitamin B such as nuts, eggs, seeds, liver, etc.
• Vitamin C such as citrus, tomatoes, cabbage, fruits, etc.
• Vitamin A such as carrots, liver, fish oil, etc.
• Vitamin D such as fish oil, eggs.
• Vitamin E for example, green vegetables, oil, etc.
• Vitamin K such as green leaves, vegetables, cheese, yellow.

Minerals is also an element that the body needed. Minerals that are required
body in general can be divided into two, namely the macro and micro minerals


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