Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Onions can prevent cancer and old

According to a Japanese daily, onion has many property health care, nutritious food is a natural answer. Onion disease can prevent cancer and diseases caused the habit life that is not healthy, and can fight the old. Therefore, as a natural nutritious food, people always have a new at it.

Institute of cancer research are the U.S. national encourage a program that is intended to improve community food habits. A "food program" so that the ratio of the occurrence of cancer is reduced half. In order image staple food which can prevent the disease of cancer, onions are in the top, that is most effective.

A professor of biology from the Japanese university said: "This is because that a large number of investigations in epidemiology, disease property onion prevent cancer has been recognized." Disease of cancer research has been the U.S. national investigation publish the results of epidemiology in the Shandong province with the research center disease cancer Beijing in 1989. After comparing against as many as 685 patients with stomach cancer the disease in 1131 of the respondents do not have a contagious disease of cancer is found, that those who
consume vegetables type of onion as staple food, the ratio of cancer incidence of a disease is lower than 40% of those who do not
consume onion.

Despite the element onion quite effective, but the most interesting attention SAC, professor Fengyan He said, onion has a property to increase body resistance.

Japanese pharmaceutical company that is first found that SAC can improve function in the body's immune system, academic director of the company said: "onion has 200 more in the womb, as a way of processing is not the same, the elements are in it will also change. In addition to AGE, onions also contain elements that can prevent disease in the circulatory system. "Elements this can lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, curb trombosit freezing caused trombus and so forth.

Disease research institute national cancer consume U.S. should recommend more than 5 types of food that have the effect of preventing cancer. "If consume raw onion will be able to cause injury to the stomach mucous, anemia and other side effects. Do not consume onion excessive. In addition, graze in the cook can also cause dermatitis.

Although garlic has a property to prevent the disease of cancer, however, had never heard that the number of Korean citizens who have a disease of cancer little more, even though their onion consumption is greater than the nation of Japan. Need to set the whole structure of your food, for example, control absorption of salt and so forth.


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