Monday, February 9, 2009

medicine school in indonesia

You know Indonesia?. Yes sure you know that Indonesia consists of many islands with diverse cultures. Where is the island - the island Indonesian mahligai like jewel on the equator. That's according to the poet poet ...... might forget to name each island Indonesian island so much that is missing or disappeared as a result it sand arrange by the Indonesian own. Indonesia is a country where a large population into No.5 much world order after the first place by China.

Automated many of the people who need health services are adequate, whether health workers or equipment. In Indonesian has been well established medicine school and specialist level diploma level, the level of the lowest levels of education. Many medicine school have alumni fail, there may be thousands who may have the tens, depending on whether or not the quality of education that is viewed by the public.

Honestly just a lot of nurses who are still nursing S1 confused what must be done with a diploma degree. Even after graduates have a go directly to educational institutions, to become teachers. Miris view our hearts ....... ...... What if we a little to the west - a westerner, how can someone who may only get the knowledge and skills in education are able to teach students about the skills that he may only get from clinical practice that not all actions are obtained when a field of emptiness.

Had a student ask the teacher to show how the clinic perform physical examination on the tuberculosis - tuberculosis. Instead - get over guidance of the lecturer, the lecturer is gampangnya say "see the book only, this day I hurry - a hurry because there is a meeting with the director of the pack" with a heavy heart the student to read books about physical skill. May forget that the teacher read the book with the same view of the world, but see the world without doing a job like that does not strain to hear the music .... seriously melodinya work futile.

Indonesian in medicine school to make easy, like easy a cafe beside the road. The reason is simple, because many lover. But once an institution does not permit students to think after a responsibility that must be in PIKUL when the graduates working in all health facilities. Had he not imagine how, if the graduates are able to provide good service to the community .......
When these services are provided when a family member or relative is sick brother, cruise start suspire groan from the sweet lips and beauty, he says start the services in the hospital is very bad, nurses - caring it nurse not capable, after her son several times in the new pin iv line can be installed, more complaints telled by the lecturer is. Is he sure this is the fruit of his work during this. How to plant so that the results obtained. Both the maximum treatment results, it is also treated poorly in the can. This is a law of nature that may not be subject to.

The nursing service should not always be addressed and said that the nurses need money and money nice language welfare. Because all that does not guarantee these services are in progress with both. Why do I say such an institution in the allowance for x nurse doubled the salaries of officials of his country, but what is gained by people in the area ... ... bad services that must be in by it. So not necessarily straight salary proportionate to the good service provided ... .. if I borrow the term physics.

According to my education that must be addressed first, why all the energy that comes from the work of educational institutions, may not have a job to apply for a nurse executive, specialist, nurse manager, or whatever his name but does not have a diploma in .... Does not seem reasonable if manager worked in institutions that do not have people who are competent.

No word too late for us all to see or repair medicine school it. The most important is the commitment and intention and the sincere efforts of the hard things will be achieved, it's good we see China's first country that are not now a waffle every where, Malaysia, which was a lot of the teachers here now to learn even vice versa. Once again there is no word too late for us who want to try.


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