Friday, February 6, 2009

How to Maintain Health brain

The brain is the place where we store a variety of memory or the memory of our lives and is a tool to think that far better than the brain of animals. We can memorize a song, you remember the beautiful past, that does not pile-it does not, concentrate the test questions, and others all involve the brain.

Because the brain is one of the vital organs in the body of us, then we have as a guard and treat the brain that does not come up short and error. Eror brain that can make people go crazy, camen or mental disability, less healthy, halusinasi, paranoid, and others.

The following are the tips and ways to maintain health care for the human brain's beloved medicine blogspot:

1. Drugs do not consume and Cigarettes

With love smoking or using drugs will be damaged brain functions and loss-function. In addition, the brain vulnerable so many fell ill from the disease up to the light weight. There are heavy smokers who do not smoke when he can not think well, they all just hogwash, which is only suggest. Be careful and cautious with the substance adiktif and aditif substances that can damage our brain.

2. Poor Sleep and rest brain

We need the brain enough rest after a whole day to do activities that both light and heavy. Should not think that too many heavy-weight that require concentration and brain power of the maximum. Rest the brain can do with enjoy something like sleep-back, with light music, chat with friends nearby, watching comedy movies, etc.. With enough sleep during the 6 to 8 hours, then the brain will be able to use the maximum.

3. The pattern of Eating Healthy And Not

Eat a diet and learn just because the human brain require a sufficient supply of nutrients to work to grow and develop. A normal breakfast each morning with food that is not too heavy but enough nutrition. Do not eat too much so that obesity can clog the brain vessel. Consumption of sugar was not too excessive in order not to impede the absorption of protein and nutrition in our bodies.

4. Lack of Oxygen and Air Pollution pollution

Need oxygen to the brain enough to learn the optimal activity. Avoid places that have a high pollution and the place is one dirty air or toxic smoke. Use a mask when conducting activities in the old place that have pollution or smoke, but not too long so we have not closed carbon dioxide poisoned. Improve air circulation or ventilation air if the room is crowded and stuffy feel.

5. Avoid Thinking Too Hard

People stress or depression, usually the brain are used constantly thinking about something that is not the end so that base will be exposed to the body effect negetif its impact to be sick. When your stress / depression should conduct or direct foreverglo guidance counseling with people who can be trusted so that we get a solution / exit problems, or at least alleviate the burden of our minds. If you are sick to think that many do not recover quickly.

6. Dull brain / Tepo Because Rarely in life
If you do not want to have a problem with a weak brain, then you have to train our brain to think often use it to stimulate the brain stimulation, such as with the study, critical thinking, debate, playing puzzle games, play music, and so forth. If used rarely, the brain will be so weak and eventually wipe us so feeble brain and if tulalit talk.

7. Protect And Keep Head Injury from impact or

The fact is incompetent in the field where many of the thatch ago on the road using a motorcycle without the use of protective helmets to protect the head from the time of collision or fall. Many people are dead or brain concussion problems such as these. Children or young adolescents responsibilities sometimes behave very happy foolish in front of the public do with mass destruction even though the goal was initially visible only to cool in front of friends is evil. Their heads and others in the surrounding areas because of injury can throw stones and objects other hard. Concussion in the head can damage the brain we, therefore, always protect us from the impact.


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