Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obati ginjal dengan daun sukun

The empirical, many people take advantage of toothless gum leaves to overcome various health disturbances. In addition to lowering blood cholesterol level, some are making it as a solution to save the kidney.

If any advice of relatives and relatives not be ignored, Arman is not no need to wash the blood on a regular basis. In fact, the two could be father of this child should lose their kidneys. Toothless gum stew leaves a routine drunk kidneys are able to save and ensure the daily routines to run.

Before routine drinking herb leaves toothless gum that has been dried half years ago, Arman about the body easily tired, listless, fresh face and much reduced. He also tortured if you want to dispose of urine. "They punish, than a long time, also a little discharge. waitig for hours that it really makes me languish, "he said.

Medical examination results, the left kidney conditions, including severe Arman. Not only tortured when the small waste water, body weight is also down dramatically, from 70 kg a 55 kg. This is the condition that Arman try another solution.

Despite initially appearing doubt, advice from his brother to drink stew is ultimately toothless gum leaf dituruti. When the men aged 65 years and this has begun to feel no more resistance to the suffering experienced. Fortunately, even though a condition severe enough kidneys, Arman did not have to wash the blood.

According to the doctor, do not occur because the kidneys functioning for some. Including kidney stones by deposition, prostat enlargement, diabetes, high blood, or immunological disease. In case, fail due to kidney enlargement prostat.

Medically, the decline in kidney function due to age factor will be much faster progress because the enlargement prostat urine clog the channel. Like most people, Arman complain after a new kidney function is reduced 25-30 percent

A glass a day
Make a toothless gum leaf herb stew, according to Arman, quite simple and easy, with the toothless gum boil the leaves have dried. Air stew is drunk a glass every day. Recognized, in the first reaction has not been felt. One month later then feel there is a change. "The start feels more fit, more fresh and waste water into the small swing," said Arman.

Feel is appropriate with these ingredients, it is continuing to up to four months. The result is quite good, the complaint of pain in the waist are also much reduced previously. In fact, results of the examination the doctor stated, the condition of their kidneys is far better and more healthy. However, he remains diligent control to the doctor, at least one or two months.

In addition to the kidney, toothless gum leaf was also right to muffle rate bad cholesterol in the blood. As experienced by Imron. According to him, after two weeks, leaves toothless gum capable of lowering the blood cholesterol level.

"Ramuannya to the same kidney, only added bangle. Mixed handful toothless gum leaf which has been dried and bangle diseduh with hot water, as well as make the tea. Be drunk every day as a substitute for tea. The result was perfect for me, "said the man was. Benefits toothless gum leaves
are already becoming part of the history of Indonesian herbal treatment.

Toothless gum leaves believed to contain some nutritious substances such as acid hidrosianat, asetilcolin, tanin, riboflavin, and so forth. Oxygen-oxygen is also able to overcome the infection.

In addition, the empirical, toothless gum leaves able to save the kidney pain. A research conducted by LIPI researcher with Chinese origin also reveal, toothless gum leaves is very useful to the process of healing disease kardiovaskular.

Bambang Indro Mardi, medicinal plant experts as well as from alternative medicine, acknowledge that the toothless gum leaves with a wide variety of benefits to maintain and improve the performance of kidneys, as penurun cholesterol, as well as suitable for maintaining blood vessel health and heart.

"So far, many people claim to benefit directly from the toothless gum leaves, especially for interference kidney, cholesterol, fiber, and acid," he said


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