Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tips Overcoming Hypertension or High Blood

Hypertension usually does not show symptoms and signs. This is why it is important to perform blood pressure checks on a regular basis. Only high blood pressure checks by using the tool examiner diagnosed high blood pressure hypertension can be upright.

Overcoming Tips
High blood pressure treatment begins with changes in lifestyle to help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease infected. If the changes did not provide results, you may need to consume drugs to people with high blood, of course, consult with a physician. Even if you have to consume drugs, would that come with that lifestyle changes can help you reduce the amount or dose of drugs that you consume.

Do not smoke
Nicotine on the cigarette (cigarettes) and cigarettes of tobacco products cause the blood vessel constrict (konstiksi) and heart rate becomes faster, which will temporarily raise blood pressure. If you stop smoking, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack, and can also lower blood pressure.

Reduce body weight if you are overweight and Make exercise a regular basis.
If you are the one with the overweight or excess body weight, reduce body weight usually helps lower blood pressure. Exercise regularly is a habit and a good way to reduce body weight. It also appears useful to reduce blood pressure by itself.

Eat a healthy diet that includes eating lots of fruit and vegetables and reduce fat and sodium Reduce consumption, alcohol and caffeine.
Not every person affected by consume sodium, but sodium can increase blood pressure in some people. Most people who have high blood should limit consumption of sodium in the diet each day less than 2400 mg. Do not add salt in your diet food. Check food labels for sodium in the food matrix that will be your consumption. While some foods that actually there are a lot of sodium contents, such as potato chips, you may not realize how much sodium is in the bread and cheese.

In some people, alcohol resulted in the increase of blood pressure is enough. On the other it does not give effect to the increase in blood pressure. If you drink alcohol, limit your consumption of alcohol with a minimum of alcohol not more than 1 or 2 drinks per day. One drink is one beer cans, which is a glass of wine or a jigger or liquor. If your blood pressure increases associated with alcohol consumption, it is best not need to consume alcohol.
Try relaxation techniques or biofeedback.
Stress may result in blood pressure. To help combat stress, try relaxation or biofeeedback do. This works well if done at least once a day. Ask and ask for advice from your doctor about this.


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