Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why Babies Cry at Birth

Why Babies Cry at Birth - During the 9 months starting from a drop of water until a fetus is a baby so close to his mother, feeling all good and bad feelings from his mother, could hear voices and music that exist and be heard with the mother.

The theory that listening to Mozart increases intelligence baby song of course comes from the assumption that infants and mothers come to hear the song, feel the beauty together. Lead to peace with up to improve the performance and metabolism, so that the developments so good. Every time the baby is listening to the heartbeat, breathing mother, something to calm him down, knowing my mother was always nearby.

So, when born into the world, the baby should be breathing on his own, on healthy babies of course. Then he was kept away from her mother, no heartbeat to calm him, a new sound startle lively baby and she wanted to be near the mother in order to feel safe. So come with new ways called Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD), Once born infants are placed on the mother's chest for her mother heard the heartbeat return, after which the excitatory odor milk makes him instinctively will try to move toward the areola mothers to start breastfeeding, this is beginning of the good life.

But this theory does not always agreed, even though health officials. Once the baby is born immediately moved to another room opposite the mother, with reason, for more monitored or warmed her baby or her mother's past back tired, just a variety of reasons for separating. Well, this mother and child have been together for 9 months, but have not met directly adjacent, Why after meeting separated. : (

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