Thursday, January 20, 2011


10 TIPS HEALTHY WITHOUT DRUGS - Multicomplex life today so I can be knocked-down "disease" strange that difficult to overcome, either by itself or immune drugs. How tricks to keep us healthy without frequent treatment.

It is no secret that our bodies have immune systems that can protect the body from disease attack. That is if the system works! Sometimes like to crash. If it were so, so what can make! We are forced to seek treatment. However, it would also not hurt, trying various tricks to prevent disease to live without depending on drugs. Everywhere, which can be used to it: to prevent before it happens is better than cure that was already rife.

Here are 10 tips that can help you:

1. Know yourself, whether physical or psychological

This is somewhat philosophical, indeed, but in fact it is precisely here lies the key to everything. By knowing ourselves, we can know the physical weakness of our bodies, and then can decide what is good and don'ts for the body, and what is not. The person who has unwittingly eat foods that are salty delicacy unnecessarily, for example, over time felt his body change, as quickly felt dizzy, his balance is reduced, and often feel various symptoms of not feeling well.

After a doctor examined the body, known to his body began to develop a new "disease" of high blood pressure. If it ever since he tried earnestly to reduce salty foods and fatty foods, while doing moderate exercise regularly, then the "disease" it is not easy to recurrence, and he does not need frequent trips to the doctor again.

2. Not in a hurry to feel pain

Just because a sneeze, cough, or a slight fever, people have decided to take medicine. Though often after left three days, the symptoms of the disease go away. The body does have the ability to heal itself. Only with enough rest, pain symptoms were gone themselves. Dizziness symptoms can sometimes disappear simply by inhaling the fresh air in the park that are not contaminated exhaust air.

3. Eat a varied

Doing variation meal, start from the assumption that there are certain foods that are more useful than ordinary foods daily. If we use this as a distraction to the kind of daily food, then the two groups of materials that can complement each other.

4. Adjusting consumption by age level

The amount of nutrients the body needs varies depending on age, type of activity, and body condition (in sickness or health). In children and adolescents who are aggressive, grow jealous, the five elements in food (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, and water) is necessary, so it does not need to be restricted. Conversely, in adults and elderly, the restriction is absolutely necessary. Carbohydrate and fat as energy producers should be reduced in number, given their physical activity has decreased.

How to reduce carbohydrates and fat is to reduce the portion of rice and fried. In contrast, vitamins and minerals and should be eaten with just water enough. These substances are very necessary to facilitate the body's metabolism, and increase durability. Just keep in mind that the best is to use natural vitamins, such as that contained in fruits and vegetables fresh.

5. Exercise regularly according to ability

6. Always keep cleaning

Clean environment at home, page, and residential complexes to give fresh and comfortable atmosphere.

7. Taking the time to relax

Spending time ask for a break does not mean much more than working productively until beyond propriety. No! Taking the time to break it up a little while, and this is necessary, to set the kendo for a while in between the tension at rush hour to work everyday. This should be done routinely.

8. Back to nature

Trends in the early 1990s in Western countries is based on experience that lifestyle in modern times to encourage people to change their eating habits, such as more frequent eating canned food, bottled chili sauce, or fruit preserved. To return close to nature, we instead have to come into martial arts warriors, but at least avoid canned food, and even multiply eat fresh vegetables and fruit.

9. Treat respiratory

Treat respiratory means regulate the manner and frequency of breathing to be more efficient. By inhaling air (oxygen) slowly in a matter of 15 then slowly release it also in a matter of 15, we can keep the oxygen in the body longer than usual. Oxygen will be used by the body's organs in an effective, albeit only slightly.

10. Fond of reading health

The phrase "Do not know it was love, not love then no love" is very fitting to satirize people who want a healthy body, but did not bother reading about health approach.


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