Saturday, January 8, 2011

Advanced Therapy Against Baldness

Advanced Therapy Against Baldness - The threat of baldness in men is greater than with women. Reduced hair piece by piece, which ends with baldness, certainly disturbing. Though now there has been no solution to overcome baldness, at least, there are some therapies being developed by experts.
Therapy Against Baldness
Here are some therapies that can provide hope for men in the future:

1. Hair Cloning
Therapy is to double the amount of wear hair healthy hair follicles, and the results disseminated in the head which is usually faster bald or already bald. In this way the new hair may appear thicker and healthier.

Hair multiplication method is still in test phase and continue to be developed. However, a company in the UK, Intercytex, which develops cell therapies for baldness, last year announced that the 'second phase' of the test has been successfully implanted. They predict this method can be used widely within the next five years.

2. Genetic Tests
About two of three men go bald as they enter their 60s. Still, a few men whose hair has begun to decrease since youth. According to experts, this is because basically everyone already has a certain genetic pattern. In the case of baldness, there are gene variants that have been identified will lead to baldness. Therefore, experts assess preventive measures can be done earlier if the identification of these genes has been performed.

deCODE Genetics, genetic research-based company, currently has developed a method of gene introduction. Through this method will each person can find out if he was bald or not inherited the gene. If proven there is a risk of baldness, preventive measures can be done immediately.

3. Natural regeneration
In a study of cell regeneration in rats, by accident by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania found that hair follicles can participate regenerate. This opens an opportunity for scientists to create a type of artificial proteins to stimulate hair follicle growth.

Unfortunately the process of research to be done is still very long before we can really get the hair that grows naturally in the skin of a bald head.


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