Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right Side Abdominal Pain

Right Side Abdominal Pain - Our stomach is a hollow organ, so in which there is a variety of organs located on each position, on the upper right abdomen have organs Liver, Gall Bladder, kidney, small intestine and colon, whereas on the right side at the bottom There Colon, Appendix or Appendices, Channel urine, and specifically in women are ovarian Channel.

Right Side Abdominal Pain
So if we are experiencing abdominal pain on the right, just look at the top or bottom, if the pain the top, chances are impaired organs located at the top right of the last, among the various organs before, the most common disorders upper right is the Liver Disorders, Inflammation of the gallbladder due to stones, and sometimes inflammation of the small intestine can occur. But if the pain is slightly middle and the pain to penetrate the canopy, might Kidney organ that is failing.

Meanwhile, when pain arises in the lower right, the most common cause is inflammation of the appendix or Appendicitis, then other causes which quite often is a urinary tract infection, or the female suspect an inflammation of the ovaries channel.

To distinguish between appendicitis with urinary tract infections, namely:
In the appendix accompanying symptoms are fever, could also be accompanied by nausea to vomiting and sometimes can also be accompanied by diarrhea, usually arising from very strong pain until the patient is always leaned forward with suppressed pain in the lower right abdomen.

While on urinary tract infections usually are frequent urination, pain when urinating, as well as the pain at the time of urine, can also be accompanied by high fever and nausea also vomited. The picture above to help identify if there are problems around the area, to make sure they still require a more thorough examination and should consult with your doctor.

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