Saturday, January 1, 2011

5 Factors Make Woman be Sexy

Factors Make Woman be Sexy><br />
1. Trust Herself.<br />
This certainly is something very important. It's hard to see the best side of a person if he could not show her personality or confidence. When a woman feels confident about herself, but within the limits of the fun (not narcissistic), men will see it as something sexy.<br />
<br />
2. Eye<br />
Why do you think there are a lot of lyric songs that praise the eyes of a woman? Why do women spend too much time to dress her eyes? Yes, because it was part of the face is often used as objects of men's views.<br />
<br />
3. A good body figure<br />
The body is well maintained and good is what man said about the figure of a sexy woman's body. The men have a tendency to prefer to form a variety of women's bodies. Some like curvy body, some are like a woman's body shape is tall and skinny. So, if you catch a man who was like the kind of body

5 Factors Make Woman be Sexy - Women very closely with sexiness. What makes a woman sexy? Of course there are a lot of things. Site Bettyconfidential conduct a survey to find out what the man said on the side of the existing section in a woman. Here are the results.

4. Caring for yourself
Men may complain that her partner spent a lot of money and time in the salon, when in fact they pay attention and love to see women who are good at taking care of themselves and look beautiful. Imagine you are in the position he is, must go along with a woman whose hair was disheveled, smelly breath, clothes awful, and so on, surely you do not want, right?

5. Dress appropriately
Few men are aware of the trend. He will not quite understand your shoe trends of the season what it is, or whether your clothing is branded store-bought or from a garage sale. However, he agreed, that they prefer to see women who wear clothes with the right size and fit. The survey results said, men were more pleased when he saw a clever woman to dress her body with appropriate clothing. For example, women with curvy body and knows how to make himself look good dent will be more visible through the clothing section, than women who try to follow fashion trends but it is not right for her body shape, then it will look very unattractive.

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