Sunday, January 23, 2011

Traditional Medicine Hemorrhoid Disease

Traditional Medicine for Hemorrhoid Disease - The story of some very sick patients with hemorrhoid he said when he was a relapse, just imagine the blood out of the mouth lips anus anus due out in the sometimes accompanied the Swollen. Hemorrhoid caused by mistakes breathing exercise, heavy lifting or genetic factors. Hemorrhoids will bleed after bowel movement, so the dirt is red because of blood mixed with hemorrhoids, it sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable and wary. Moreover if the patient eat spicy food.

Hemorrhoid panacea this time is in the form of chili. Definitely for hemorrhoid sufferers would be surprised or shocked or even slightly joking even considered, because they thought that by consuming the same meal of chili or spicy food will make hemorrhoids more ferocious discharge and of course it feels pain. Moreover if a bowel movement will be tormented for the sufferer.

No need to fear, or operating costs for doctor visits are of course very expensive. Please try this treatment. And this may be a secret treatment that is very rare, and perhaps a doctor be surprised or feel weird with hemorrhoid treatment using this chili. And of course will hurt business if medical treatment technique is considered very effective, because there is no hemorrhoid sufferers who want to enter the operating room, only to cut or hemorrhoid surgery.

Treatment is as follows: Look for a new chili fruit fall flowers, which automatically has not felt spiciness when we chew. Look for as many as 9 units, then cleaned first and then eat nine young chilies, then drink water as usual like after taking the drug.

Repeat the treatment for 3 days in a row, and just once a day. And do not forget before the treatment, if the hemorrhoids are still out of the anus should be included in advance into the anus until not have hemorrhoids protruding from the anus, and only then do the above treatments.

Hope can help readers and Hemorrhoid sufferers who had been so traumatized by illness and should avoid certain foods. Or fear of surgery or hemorrhoids and are looking for alternative treatments that are very efficient and effective.

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