Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heart and Stroke Prevention

How is the heart and stroke prevention?. disease is some thing that usually obtain in our live, but should not mean pessimistic without trying to cure it. Effort is our obligation in the cure of disease. here we will reveal little about stroke prevention efforts and the heart. Heart and strok prevention, to get a better life.

Along with the change in the pattern of living people, mortality due to disease kardiovaskular (heart and blood vessel) in Indonesia has increased very ignificantly.

Currently, heart disease and blood vessel becomes no.1 killer in Indonesia and the growing number of penderitanya. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the disease kardiovaskular will be the largest cause of death cases in the world in the year 2020.

"Only in 20 years, incidence of coronary disease increased 3 times. This is due to drastic changes in environment and lifestyle, "said Dr. Djoko Maryono, Sp.PD, Sp. JP, FIHA, phase in media education which was held in the Hotel Manhattan, 11 July 2007.

Dr. Djoko added that Maryono system modernization such as the vehicles that cause congestion and then westernisasi like eating junk food that cause people to become less mobile (inactivity), stress, emergence metabolik syndrome.

Their potential heart disease and stroke are aged over 40 years old, male, offspring have a factor, smokers, less exercise, Obesity, diabetics, people with hypertension, stress experience, are recommended for this cautious case.

One more cause of high mortality due to heart disease is the lack of awareness and knowledge of most of the people of the importance of prevention of this disease since early. With a little awareness and adequate knowledge, actual heart disease can be prevented.

Preventing heart disease with ASA
Dr. Rosalina Sutadi, Chairman of Medical & Regulatory PT Bayer Schering Pharma said that the prevention of disease kardiovaskular divided into two, namely primary and secondary prevention. Primary prevention is prevention early on individuals who have risk factors or disease kardiovaskular not have kardiovaskular events, while secondary prevention is that prevention is done on individuals who have experienced the event kardiovaskular.

Aspirin has been found since 200 years ago and used as antipiretik (febrifuge) and analgesic (a pain). Then in 1973 note that aspirin is in the womb Acetyl Salicylic Acid (ASA) can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

"Acetyl Salicylic Acid (ASA) may act as primary and secondary prevention of heart disease and blood vessel," said dr. Djoko Maryono the practice in the Pondok Indah Hospital and JEC. ASA recommended starting consumed by the women at the age of more than 45 years, while men start 40 years. However, ASA can also be consumed by young people who have at least 1 risk factor as a precaution.

" ASA Working against the grain trombosit (platelet) trombosit so that does not clot easily and work on a layer in the blood vessel (endotel) produced vasodilator agent that caused a blood vessel widen," tambah dr. Djoko Maryono.

Use of low-dose ASA may reduce the risk of stroke iskemik of 24%. Also reduce the risk of non-fatal stroke, infark miokard (damage to heart muscle) non-fatal, disease or death due to kardiovaskular in women aged 65 years and over was 26%.

This is the findings of the Women's Health Study, the oldest and largest study ever conducted with low-dose ASA on 40,000 women aged 65 years and over who have no history or coronary heart disease serebrovaskular (interference brain blood vessel).

But in Indonesia, including the ASA ethical drugs require a prescription or a doctor, so that its use should be based on physician instructions. Unlike in other countries such as the ASA in the United States where the medicine is sold freely because there's going obesity epidemic and the number of incident heart disease and blood vessel is very high.

ASA weakness is causing stomach irritation, so you should choose sediaan ASA enterik with the wrapper. Salut enterik this will cause the tablet dissolves in the small intestine and not unravel in the stomach so that it does not stimulate excessive stomach acid. Dr. Rosalina dikontraindikasikan ASA added that for patients who have tukak (injured) and stomach intestine.


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