Tuesday, June 23, 2009

learn how to love in order to quickly get pregnant

In intimate touch, you do not need to make every day in order to quickly get pregnant. Make time in your fertile period, usually 14 days before the next menstruation. Fertile period usually lasts for three days in between that time. Position that allows the occurrence of pregnancy is the missionary-style, that is the position you are in the bottom of the husband. My suggestion, you should not wake up immediately after the make. very good position if you sleep with the second leg down in the knee bend. This means that sperm are not immediately liquid spill out, but even flow entering the mouth of the womb, so that the pregnancy occurred.

If not well, you need to know, actually have been married four years pass-limit signs for the signs not fertile couples. The problem is, if your reproductive organs are healthy does not mean there is no deviation that can prevent the occurrence of pregnancy. So you can have differences with the acid liquid lubricant cum husband, so that the cells always die before the sperm meets egg cells. In addition there are many other difference that can be through the examination time. So that, do not undergo the examination alone, do both, so that inspections can be carried out carefully.


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