Monday, June 22, 2009

Medicine for Pig flu is Tamiflu

Pig flu end this very frightening, because there are so many already be fatal. Pig flu drugs actually do? following this we will try to write about a little pig flu drugs.
What an effective drug to cure the disease of swine flu? this question may often come in the mind you, considering the disease of swine flu last the more often the man. To date, the Tamiflu drug to be still reliable people with the disease of swine flu or a disease caused by H1N1 virus.

but there is a first case of swine flu immune to the anti-viral drug Tamiflu occurred in Denmark, such confirmation as the National Board of Health reported Antara.

Danish patients are given drugs after Exposur against swine flu. Although the drug was given, the female patient is still disease is even now to re

"It seems the series is developing a patient is given drugs to prevent the disease it was. That is the scenario that's much better than if the patient has not been given Tamiflu fell ill and a series of drugs and the immune already spread throughout the community," said Bridges, adjuvant director of scientific affairs at the institute monitoring and prevention of influenza division U.S. Centers for Disease, as quoted from, Tuesday (14/07/09).

Tamiflu, if given early on, ease symptoms of swine flu, so the possibility of the spread. Scientists have been worried about the new gen of swine flu in other types of seasonal flu and feared changes to the form of a more dangerous or more easily spread.

Until a vaccine is developed effective, drugs Tamiflu and Relenza have been seen as the best defense against the flu virus of swine


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