Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a healthy diet will produce healthy sperm also

a healthy diet, it appeared that not only functions to prevent various diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, but also affect the reproductive health or fertility level. Studies from the University of Murcia, Spain, explain, men who consume more healthy foods that also have a more healthy sperm.

"a healthy Diet and balanced is not only important to prevent diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol, but also works to improve reproductive health," said Mendiola, the leader of the study, as quoted foxnews site.

According to Mendiola, many studies have stated that the relationship between consumption of certain nutrients with male fertility. Mencaritahu previous studies the relationship between the consumption of some food and the quality of cement. Studies have found, men who eat dairy products and more meat and less lettuce, tomato, and fruit, have a low-quality cement.

Previous research, does not check the nutrition-specific nutrition. But in this study, light Mendiola, the team compares the actual nutrition diet in 30 men with low-quality cement 31 men who have normal sperm. All participants alike have come to fertility clinics.

Men with low semen quality have a little amount of sperm and in general the percentage of sperm that is not normal shape more. All participants are requested to provide at least 2 sperm sample.

The study found, even after controlling the other factors such as smoking, age, body mass index, and oxygen-exposure toxic chemical substances in the workplace, the researchers found that diet is still a very important factor. Men with normal semen eat more carbohydrate, fiber, folat, vitamin C and lycopene compared with those with low-quality cement. Men with the quality of cement is also healthy to eat less fat and protein.

"Low-level nutrition antioxidants in the diet seems to be also negatively impact the quality of cement," said Mendiola. And healthy diet, he is bright, is one of the pentig factors determine the quality of sperm.

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