Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tips to treat acne

mengobati jerawatYou have a problem with acne who began coloring your face? you lack confidence because of your face like a fruit jackfruit. the point is you pimples on your face.

you'll want to smooth your face again, without a thorn acne in your face. here are some tips to treat acne on your face, acne in particular stone.

1. Papaya leaves that are dry and just falls from the tree!
2. Collision,

3. Lemon.


1. Mashed papaya leaf dry up like a powder Fine powder,

2. Use 1sendok tea powder and mix with lemon juice to taste.
3. Stick to acne to dry!.

This is only used to treat acne tips from me, which is very important for you is to pray to God your acne may heal quickly.
Oh yes, these tips are suitable for treating acne stone

4. After that, Rinse clean

* Warning * Do not use soap to wash face him again!


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