Friday, January 8, 2010

Acne Solutions For Pregnant Women

Selecting acne solution for pregnant mothers should be done with caution. There are many drugs that should not be taken during pregnancy, especially those who are not strong against a substance that can have an effect recommended for pregnant women, consult with your doctor first. Because of your pregnancy could be a pregnancy "Pimples" or "zit"

Solution acne problems during pregnancy, usually using natural or herbal ingredients. Although the drug is used rarely recommended because of their potential to cause harm to the mother and the unborn baby. Here is a report that will detail what and how pregnancy Pimples.

Causes Zits during pregnancy
Some pregnant women who suffer from acne while others do not. For the less fortunate, to understand the factors that cause the condition is as important to find a cure. acne during pregnancy mainly due to hormonal imbalance. Pimples usually occur in pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy. In most cases they go away after this period, while in some cases, they can last up until the mother gave birth.

Solutions for pregnant women
The first option is the usual medical treatment will be recommended. This can range from herbal supplements or made solution like lemon juice and peels, tomato pastes face, oatmeal mixed with fresh milk, egg white and the other a mixture made from natural materials. However, not effective in cases of severe Pimples and doctors have no other choice but to prescription drugs


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