Friday, January 8, 2010

Countries that use the most diet pills

WHO data which mentions at least 2.5 million deaths due to obesity each year in the world, making a lot of people trying desperately to lose weight.

Unfortunately, not all weight-loss program many people choose is safe and effective. One way to instantly slimming the body is by drinking a diet pill.

And, it turns out the results of opinion polls 'giant', 'Reader's Digest', which interviewed about 16,000 people from 16 countries about their health behaviors, concluded China is a country diet pill users in the world.

37 percent of respondents from China acknowledged the country taking regular diet pills. Experts say awareness of the growing body shape among the people of China. And, they assume the pill could quickly lose weight. Finally, with a variety of diet pills available in the Chinese brand and become a trend among teenagers and executives in China.

In this poll, the percentage of diet pill users in China the highest, and followed a diet pill users in Brazil (30 percent), and in Russia (24 percent), and Mexico (23 percent).

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