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How to achieve female orgasm

female orgasm

Orgasm is the most important part of sexual relations. But not a few who complained could not achieve it, including among women. How to cope?

At his clinic in Ohio, USA, Cynthia Lief Ruberg, accept no less complaints about the female orgasm. Sex therapist was listening to his female patient complaints about how hard they orgasm.

Cynthia handed out 20 road. He split them up into two parts: physical and psychological problems. By overcoming the psychological and physical problems, she believes she will be helped to the top of orgasm.

From the psychological side, Cynthia offers a nine-step for a woman to achieve that dream. Anything?

Anticipation of sexual relations

Many women who think that if they spend time fantasizing about ML that will be lived, they will use the mind, the imagination to prepare ourselves, both physically and emotionally.

Fantasize will also help women identify what makes them be in that environment. Could have imagined romance, erotic stories, songs about love, videos, etc.. They use the tools to anticipate ML.

This process can be described as warm-up. And, as a warm-up, he could help and lead women to reach orgasm more easily.


Most women require a transition in an effort to open minds to accept sexual pleasure. This happens because the tension of negative emotions can interfere with sexual response.

Therefore, being relaxed will help women reach orgasm more easily. Could just as listening to music, warm bath, read a book, or do anything to get a relaxed atmosphere.

Eliminate distractions

Women are often faced with situations like this: overwhelmed by the disorder of mind such as a list of work to do, worried about their privacy, too much light in the room, too noisy, and some other things.

Identify situations that present problems and overcome before the ML can do to help women focus on the body and feelings. That way, easier to achieve orgasm. Remember, any disruption could have sabotaged the required sexual concentrations most women reach orgasm.

Eliminate anger

ML with a porcupine? Of course, not possible. But, that's a parable that most women feel when they are angry with their partner. Anger presents the distance between the people, especially couples.

The woman sued seeks eliminate anger and disappointment. That way, they can feel the intimacy with their partner. Most women require connection at the heart before they can really connect with their genitals.

Comfortable with body

Learning to appreciate your body and accepting things that are not perfect is the key to good sexual response. No need to obsess with imperfect body shape. Obsessed with the look, taste, smell, or taste the body and the like, may sabotage sexual response and orgasm, of course, disturbing. What is clear, it could interfere with sexual arousal.

That is, the mind not to hinder the body's response. Keep in mind that most men are more stimulated by their interest to his partner rather than a perfect body.

Erotic Focus

Women need to bring in an atmosphere of erotic thoughts that the mind can improve the physical arousal. This can be done by following what is called the mind's eyes, which is what the couple physically.

Could be, this requires an erotic picture, romantic scenes, or fantasy in turn. Perhaps, it is best looked at each other. But this is not easy. You see, most women feel the need to close his eyes to be focused in order to reach orgasm.


As building passion, most women feel the need to concentrate on some sense of fun (especially on the part of the clitoris or vagina) and improve their morale.

Concentration, which usually excludes verbal responses, is part of the erotic focus necessary for many women to achieve orgasm.

Out of the trap

Many people, women or men, wrongly assume that the way to orgasm just by ML using the medium of the vagina. Other ways such as stimulation orgasm clitoris (either by hand or oral sex), not included. Because, according to them, such orgasm is considered lower than the vaginal orgasm.

This mistaken belief caused many modern women today that they made a mistake, abnormal, or inferior because it did not reach orgasm real way. Remember, the most effective orgasm with clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal stimulation alone.

Have time to play

People often leave the late-night romance, when the body just needs sleep. If someone is going to have sex (without the need for foreplay), protect the time and do not wait for spontaneous romance, they will enjoy better sex. This is important for women because it's easier to reach orgasm when she was still energized than when tired and weary


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