Friday, January 8, 2010

10 Facts about coffee - Must know

Eccentric singer's death "Mbah Surip" rumored to drink too much coffee. Is it really still, coffee can kill us? Here are 10 facts about the delicious beverage that is increasingly rampant fans.

Lets see some thing about Coffee

1. Caffeine can kill you
Especially if you are coffee mania, namely drinking 80-100 cups of coffee a day. So do not try it.
2. Coffee can also be good for you
Studies prove that we can get antioxidants from coffee, just one or two cups of coffee a day, is beneficial. If you do not like coffee, black tea can try.

3. caffeine can increase women's sex drive
This new proven in laboratory mice. According to scientists, the coffee can enhance human sexual experience, but only to those who are not manic coffee.
4. Caffeine can reduce the pain
The dose was coffee, the equivalent of two cups of coffee, can relieve pain in muscles after exercise, according to a small study. But again this only applies for those who are not addicted to coffee.

5. Caffeine can make you stay up
Create a wish to literacy night will be helped with the coffee. Who do not, you should drink coffee six hours before bedtime so as not to interfere at rest.

6. Coffee contains caffeine
Although the term dekafein, aka decaffeinated, coffee still contains caffeine. If you drink 10 cups of coffee dekafein, equivalent to drinking one or two cups of caffeine coffee.

7. Coffee dekafein using chemicals
To reduce the amount of caffeine in coffee dekafein, used chemical called methylene chloride.

8. Caffeine was not part of a bitter taste
Many people think, the more bitter taste of coffee, the more content caffeine. No, because caffeine is not the bitter components.

9. Good coffee depends on the combustion and it making
If you want to taste delicious coffee, the most decisive is the combustion process and it making. During combustion, the oil stored in the coffee beans will come out. More and more oil is out, getting stronger coffee taste. The emergence of caffeine content depends on how long the water was at the bottom. Combustion also produces more and more caffeine.

10. Coffee was discovered by a goat
One millennium ago, in the mountains of Africa, a herd of goats up all night after eating the red beans. The shepherds check why it happened and found that the cause is coffee. Since then people started drinking coffee follow-up.


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