Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tips to cure ulcer disease

Stomach ulcers are the result of a wound in the stomach. Gastric acid is produced will continue to cause pain in the stomach. All the wounds in the body will hurt / painful when exposed to oxygen. Try it ... if you cut the skin in give lime juice, must be more sick than in drops of water.

But do not be reprimanded stomach acid, because its function is very important for our bodies. Besides food can accelerate destroyed, he was also a hero to kill bacteria that enter the food so that food became sterile after the entry into the small intestine.

so, how to treat stomach ulcers?

Ulcer drug use? That's normal. but remember! Ulcer medication that you drink that is alkaline. If stomach acid bases met, then the condition becomes neutral, so its like water. Thus, your stomach wound does not hurt anymore because acid is neutral. Consequently if there is food in the stomach is not easily crushed / mashed for more stomach acid to pass out. Therefore ulcer do not take medicine if you are satisfied, waah, sorry for the stomach!

Tips from me, if you have stomach ulcers: (1) Avoid excessive eating or satiety, because your stomach will bloom over and old wounds will be broken again; (2) do not let your stomach let alone the condition of hunger you're busy thinking/working. Stomach contents of contracts without food will be squeezed between the wall of each side so that will happen in your stomach wounds; (3) avoid foods or beverages that are too spicy or acidic (sour). Actual injury to the stomach can not be fully recovered, one time if exposed to hot and sour which will hurt too much.


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