Monday, May 11, 2009

The various of smallpox

Most people surely heard the term smallpox. But the fact is not everyone knows exactly what is in question. Not to mention that the term is mixed, including smallpox, chickenpox, smallpox snake, and monkey pox. Here are brief descriptions of the diseases are similar, but surely not the same:


Smallpox in the medical language is called variola, whereas in English called small pox. Diseases caused by viruses poks (pox virus) has been there since many centuries ago and spread very easily. Symptoms that occur for the infected is a fever, and bubble-bubble appears containing pus simultaneously in the face skin, hands, feet, and eventually the entire body. This disease is often fatal consequences, especially when the baby or the elderly. For those who can recover any, will be used in skin-pocked pocked.

Fortunately, this disease is no longer the world. In the 19th century, all over the world working to eradicate this disease by immunization. In Indonesia, smallpox immunization has been conducted since 1856, by the Dutch Government. Once the process is long and full of hard work, the disease is not found in Indonesia since 1974 and the WHO set Indonesia free from smallpox. Thanks to the cooperation of the world, finally in 1980 the world was already declared free from smallpox.

Along with the loss of smallpox, the end since that time are no longer required smallpox vaccination. News and discussion is also the longer the melt. Not surprisingly, there are also some of the people who have never heard and with a foreign disease is smallpox.


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