Wednesday, May 6, 2009

know what is that ambient disease

The ambient disease one of the very intimidated disease of the society. because this disease at some times can take outside the blood from anus continually. and causes illness that very mortally in anus, so that can worry about. When does disease ambient assault us, it will feel stiff, rheumatic pain, anus juts out likely be long. if we sit, possible that lengthways anus is jammed by chair and suffer decease very heavy, and can wounded and bleed.

the ambient disease some times can flat again like at the beginning and the ill taste lost. but, the ambient disease will return again when we shall strive, rise bike, long stay in place that cold air, walk in along time, and others.

The ambient disease is caused by overwork, and who suffer the ambient disease also can caused by less consume food that contain substances that can strengthen the tendon, so that muscle is loose.

there are many manners or ways to cure the ambient disease, one of them by operation and this is may be the very radical manner, because this is like that, so cruel and spend many costs. this operation is by cut secretory anus and lengthways that. that done by the doctor that have the expert in operating.

although the ambient disease is very chronic, but still effort the traditional recipes. and with follow the certain prohibitions in consuming food. following are several things that must be prohibitions for disease sufferer ambient.

The matters that must be prohibition for whom sufferer ambient disease.
1. leave the hot food
2. keep away alcoholic drink
3. avoid oily food and oily

The food that suggested for sufferer of ambient disease are vegetables that still fresh, fruits that still fresh. for you that experience in this matter, try this matter or suggestion, may your piles or ambient disease soon recover.


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