Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Benefits of papaya leaves

Benefits of papaya leaves was very huge for our lives. but sometimes we do not understand or less of it, because we are familiar with generic drugs. here we want to back up about the benefits of the papaya leaves.

In fact since the first is to provide solutions for a variety of human diseases. Unfortunately, because it is not practical, natural medicine is slowly lost by synthetic drugs. Along with the many side effects synthetic drugs, natural medicine is now starting again in the lyrics. One of the versatile natural medicines available that many around us is a papaya leaf. Each section of papaya tree can be used, begin root, stem, leaf, fruit, seeds and even fruit.
This article will only discuss the benefits of papaya leaves, because one of this section shall have many benefits.

Soften the meat.
The mother of the household may not have been more foreign to the benefits of papaya leaves to soften the meat. Matrix resin (lateks) in the leaves that will seep into the meat and sift it. How: papaya leaves enter stew meat, or meat wrapped in papaya leaves when boiled.

Pimple medicine.
Did you know, papaya leaves can also overcome the whelk be naughty?
How: take 2-3 pieces of papaya leaves older. Dry briefly and then just fine. After that, add a half spoon of water. Then use ingredient on the exposed face of the pimple like wearing masks. Leave some time, and Rinse to clean.

Increase appetite.
Not difficult to make a concoction at this appetite this, prepare fresh papaya leaves of palm, a little salt, and half a cup of warm water. All materials are mixed, blender, and filtered water and then taken to be drunk. This safe herb, even for children even.

Anti cancer.
From some of the research described, the stem and leaves contain a lot of papaya latex, such as white milk (milky white latex), which has developed as anti-cancer, as cited Journal of the Society of Biology. Sap is automatically obtained when we consume papaya leaves, cooked in any way.


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