Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Diabetes drug From Avocado Seed

Diabetes is very dangerous for one's existence, therefore we must always maintain the best possible health to avoid the diabetes disease

on occasion this time I tried to provide medicines from avocado to treat diseases of diabetes.
Here I try to present a traditional medicine that use the avocado to cure diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus drug with Avocado Seed
How to make:
1. Avocado seed thinly sliced
2. Avocado slices dried beans dry
3. Sliced avocado seeds are dry roasted uyang (Javanese fried couples say) like making coffee.
4. Sliced avocado seeds that have been roasted blend until smooth.
5. Enter the avocado seed powder blend into the skin of the capsule that can be purchased at pharmacies.
6. Drinking avocado seed capsules once a day.


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