Saturday, September 5, 2009

Facebook can improve intelligence

Facebook can improve intelligence. your facebook lover, you are hooked with facebook. refer to the following, you entrust that facebook could increase intelligence or not?, here we give a little information about the positive impact of facebook, facebook is playing, increase your intelligence. The following research results about facebook can improve intelligence.

Dr. Alloway of the University of Stirling Scotland has studied memory performance and believe it is more important than IQ in achieving success and happiness.

For what reason? Total War video game, Sudoku game and Facebook, have the same effect (improve intelligence). They claimed to strengthen our working memory. Series of Total War to help to train working memory because the players are required to recall previous actions and map the action to be taken. So also with Sudoku as well as Facebook. Maintaining relationships with friends in social networking is believed to also take care of working memory in improve the intelligence.

Contrary to the Total War, a video sharing site YouTube and mikroblogging Twitter, and SMS short messages, even able to reduce the intelligence user. On Twitter you will receive endless information, but too short, so you do not have to process the information. Coverage of attention is reduced and you do not update the connection of the brain and nerve connections.

what is your opinion about it, is this is only an opinion for get facebook in nice position? or... we wait your opinion. thank


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