Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why Your Appetite Increasing?

Turns out there was one habit that makes us always "invited" the hunger we unknowingly. Immediately overcome in order to streamline our program more smoothly.

1. Not enough time for breakfast. As a result, we will be selecting a donut or other fatty food as the stomach contents.

2. It was already mid-afternoon, but work is still piling up. Finally, we need more energy is one of them met with the eat.

3. Busyness makes us postpone the dinner. For example an appointment with a client dinner at 8pm, when we used to have dinner at 7 pm.

4. Already ordered food at the restaurant but the service is very long. And belly rings to boisterous powerful appetite signal which jumped dramatically. So do not be surprised if we eat with a frenzy.

5. Overtime. Working late into the night turned out to make our body requires more energy than usual. (PreventionIndonesiaonline/Lily Turangan/Priska Siagian)


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