Monday, March 2, 2009

cough and can not remove phlegm

Far as one of my good to remove the phlegm is to use a nebulizer. Can be done in tempat2 fisoterapi in the hospital. Usually, doctors give children like cough medicine mixed with drugs pengencer sputum. Just like my child, if the sputum is a lot of it will come out with the vomit. Can be seen that a lot of vomit in its mucus. If I do because it means happy dahaknya out.

Nebulizer sale from many in-expensive price 400ribu up. For those who often pliek cough and sputum pro seems to be like deh. Nebulizer is a kind of equipment that produces steam. nah usually filled nebulizer drugs and medicine out of shape and steam dihirup children. To dilute sputum.

oh ya if the cough may be also due to allergies. If the allergy because I like the handling of alergy. Cough is usually due to allergy that long, especially for example, hold a new round of coughing again.


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