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the traditional medicine of north thailand

Even today traditional medicine in North Thailand is flourishing and its roots stretch back to many hundreds of years.
In North Thailand, the art of healing is passed on by the traditional healer to his student by the word of mouth. There is no formal training institute to learn the art of traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is quite popular in rural areas and villages in North Thailand.
North Thailand is home to many hill tribes and all these tribes follow traditional medicine practices. Each hill tribe has its own traditional medicine though there is a commonality link between the practices.
Mor Muang is the term used to describe the local doctor and it covers the different specialties of traditional medicine. Traditional medicine in Thailand is usually a male tradition and outsiders have to masters in order to be accepted. They also have to pass an initiation ceremony before they are accepted into a specific traditional medicine discipline. Most local doctors are skilled in different aspects of traditional medicines but they usually practice a particular specialty. The specialties of traditional medicines are herbal healing, bone blowing and spiritual healing.
A herbalist usually covers the entire spectrum of diseases and he formulates medication from herbs and other natural ingredients.
A bone blower is the one who specializes in wounds and broken bones. It is his responsibility to repair fractures and wounds by applying splints or poultices and then blowing and chanting incantations to the affected area.
A spiritual healer performs ceremonies and chants incantations to call on to the affected person's spiritual essence and then connecting to the patient's spiritual guide to cure and heal him.
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